About production

The creation of jewelry is a complex process, but very interesting.

Otrhodox jewelry production Iordani unveils the secrets of jewelry masters.  

In this section, you will get acquainted with our stages of production and some traditional techniques.



In the beginning the image of a piece of work engenders in the artist’s head. This process cannot be controlled, the artist find inspiration in everything that surrounds him. However, he pays due respect to history, Orthodox culture and art.

First image of future creature appears on paper in a form of a sketch, which should be checked by the priesthood for the compliance with the canons of church. If all the requirements are satisfied, the piece of jewelry receives the blessing for further production.  

Master model and rubber mold

When design and canonicity of the future creature are confirmed, the jewelry designer comes into play. He develops the special form made of silver or jewelry wax. This process can be compared with the work of the sculptor, who cuts off all unnecessary pieces to achieve desirable result.

The artist and the designer are constantly working together to preserve the integrity of the idea. The most difficult part is to take into consideration the physical properties of the metal such as segregation and castability in order to avoid any adverse outcomes.

At this stage, the jewelry engraver steps into the breach. With the help of special tools, he enchases the texts of prayers and faces of saints. Then the master solders the feed-head to final master model and removes the mold, which will be afterwards plunged into the special container. Due to high temperature, the mass similar to plasticine solidifies.


Waxing and casting

This is a very complex and long process. Please watch the video below to see it with your own eyes.


After the casting the stage of assembling starts, where a craftsman removes all unnecessary pieces and combines plenty of small details with the help of soldering.  




Polishing and buffing

The final jewelry piece won't shine without polishing and buffing. Therefore, these stages cannot be missed. 


At this stage, the jewelry setter inserts the jewels into the workpiece.

Grand feu enamel/Hot enamel  

One of our distinctive features is grand feu enamel (also: hot enamel).

Grand feu enamel is a thin coat of glass, which is warmed up to the high temperature and then united with the metal as an integral whole.

This is an immemorial technique dating back several thousand years. Grand feu enamel was popular among ancient Egyptian and their enamel found at the excavations looks amazing.      

The enamel craftsman, basing on his experience and intuition, regulates the temperature in order to achieve the desirable color. The outstanding result can be reached only with the complex baking, requiring the repeat of the process from 5 to 25 times.

Quality control

We pay strict attention to the quality of the final products. Therefore, after every stage we embark on checking up the defects.


Besides, the quality of the final jewelry piece is certified by the State Inspection of Assay Supervision.


Consecration and Packing


Our products are consecrated in the temple of prophet Elijah in the village Yakovlevskoye, located in Kostroma region.



After all these stages, the workpiece can be proudly named as Orthodox jewelry piece. It is carefully weighed, labeled and packed.