Jeweler Priest

o_Petr-2 Archpriest Pyotr Ivanovich Chulkov is one of the most extraordinary priests in our days. His biography is really impressive. Descended from a family of jewelers, he has become a brilliant and gifted representative of this difficult profession. In 1974 Pyotr Ivanovich was awarded the title of "Distinguished Artist of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic". Some of his works have become masterpieces of jewelery. For example, the "Spring" vase manufactured in accordance with filigree technique is now exhibited in the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg. Being a senior artist of the Krasnoselsk jewelry factory, in 1985 he changes his job and occupies a position in the Kostroma Department of the Union of Artists of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic. In six years he goes into the ministry and becomes a clergyman of the Kostroma eparchy.

Nowadays Father Pyotr assists the Iordani artists with his precious pieces of advice concerning art value and canonicity of the future products. Every single model is produced only after his blessing. He is a member of the Production Arts Council of the Iordani company.