About us

Orthodox jewelry production "Iordani" is a family-run workshop, based on the love of God and fidelity to the art of jewelry craftsmanship.


"Iordani" was founded by the jewelers and spouses Grigory and Olga. The choice of the path the family is following is not accidental – Mr Sinenko belongs to the old family of jewelers and clergymen, who have been producing crosses and rings since 19th century.

During the years of the most severe persecution of the Christian сhurch, the members of spouses’ family were among those believers who were shot and injured for the Faith of the Orthodox Church.

The spiritual adviser of the spouses is Father Peter. He is strict, but fair, he is a goldsmith and confessor.


A few decades ago he was known as a filigree-work artist all over the Soviet Union. In the 70s of the 20th century Father Peter developed a unique technique, which is practiced even nowadays. However, at the top of his career the senior artist of one of the largest jewelry factories in the USSR went into the ministry and became a priest. Father Peter made an incredible effort to revive the church life in the Epiphany Temple in his native village of Krasnoye-on-Volga.

Today he is a tireless prayer and mentor to Grigoriy and Olga.  

Iordani uses complex and ancient techniques (filigree, grand feu enamel), allowing to reproduce the outstanding models of Orthodox jewelry of the past centuries. The masterpieces that inspire our jewelers are represented in the Hermitage, the Russian Museum, the Central Museum of Old Russian Culture and Art. Moreover, the masters of Iordani create splendid copies of enamel crosses of the 17th century with due respect to all decorative elements and pristine colors.

One of our long-term goals is the creation of a collection of Orthodox composite bracelets with the holy faces of Saints and authentic beads and symbols of Orthodoxy. The vast range of beads allows to create customized bracelets.


Special attention should be paid to our wooden crosses. The combination of the wooden part, perceived as a remainder of Life-giving Cross, and the silver one highlights the enormous importance of the cross for the Orthodox Christians.


Our own experience and uniquely designed jewelry pieces inspired us to divide all our products into two catalogues:

The Krasnoselsky catalogue of the Iordani includes a huge number of mass production models.

The Original catalogue represents author's articles that are distinguished by high artistic intent and quality of its execution, as well as by the obvious desire to preserve Orthodox jewelry traditions with the adherence to the latest trends in modern jewelry industry.

All Iordani products, regardless of the distinctions, are consecrated in the Orthodox church and are available at affordable prices.

Our main goal is to create Orthodox jewelry for everyday life, which is called to be a constant reminder of God and eternal life.


fDsYxdJQ4wY"Every person has its own path to religion. We hope that Iordani products will support people, who begin their path to Christ, and bring joy to those, who already found their way". 

Yours faithfully, 

Mr and Mrs Sinenko

Owners of Iordani