A Book of Prayer


товарная скидка


A tiny silver decoration with the introductory prayer "Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God…" is sure to attract attention of Orthodox connoisseurs of jewelery. It can be worn as a locket, and can also be used as a key fob.
The front "cover" of this small books is decorated with the image of the eight-pointed Russian cross and instruments of Christ's sufferings, as well as with a symbolic image of the Mount of Golgotha with Adam's ashes. Pages with the text of the prayer are real openwork lace from highest-grade silver. By turning this openwork pages you can touch a visible image of an introductory prayer and imagine the inspiration that allowed to create this item to the glory of the Creator and His Son.

This item is supplied with a stand for the book of prayer as a gift.

Any item can be manufactured in gilt. 

This model is also manufactured with a gilding technique. 

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