Cast chain

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Article: B-C-037

товарная скидка

SKU: B-C-037
Materials: silver 925
Bracelet width: 10 mm
Beautiful cast chain with the image of a lily flower. A lily flower is a symbol of innocence, purity and a God-loving soul. The Canticles say that Solomon's Temple was decorated with lily flowers. Hiram, its architect, constructed huge column capitals in the shape of these flowers and also depicted them on the walls and vaults of the temple. It was even earlier that prophet Moses ordered to adorn a seven-light candelabrum with images of a lily flower and to construct a font where the high-priest performed ablution in the shape of this flower. As legend has it, on the Annunciation day Archangel Gabriel came to Virgin Mary with a white lily flower that has become a symbol of the Mother of God, Her purity, innocence and dedication to God since that time.
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