Ring with a Prayer

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Article: B-Ko-348

Width: 7 mm
Availability: yes
A ring with the image of fishes. In the Orthodox Church fish is a symbol of Jesus Christ. Besides, Jesus Christ calls the apostles, former fishermen, "fishers of men" (Mt. 4:19; Mk. 1:17), and the Kingdom of Heaven – "a net that was let down into the lake and caught all kinds of fish" (Mt. 13:47). The Fathers of the Church compared Christians who followed them into "water welling up to eternal life" with fish. For example, what an early Christian writer Tertullian (II-III centuries AD) wrote: "Happy is our sacrament of water, in that, by washing away the sins of our early blindness, we are set free and admitted into eternal life! <…> But we, little fishes, after the example of our Jesus Christ, are born in water, nor have we safety in any other way than by permanently abiding in water" ( "On Baptism". 1.1).
Inner side of the ring contains an inscribed prayer: "O Lord, save Your people".

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