"Mother of God's Teardrop"

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Article: B-P-176

товарная скидка


This small icon dedicated to the Feodorovskaya Icon of the Mother of God kept in Kostroma. It is a great sacred object of Russia. The Most Holy Mother of God has worked a number of miracles through the Feodorovskaya Icon. It was considered to be a family icon of the House of Romanovs. The princesses of other religions from the Romanov family took their patronymic name of Fedorovna in honor of this icon. This icon worked and still works numerous miracles to ordinary people as well. The Mother of God is especially responsive to a mother's prayer and facilitates difficult deliveries.

In the XIII century the reverse side of the Feodorovskaya Icon bore an image of Saint Paraskeva Pyatnitsa, a great martyr greatly honored in Russia. The second half if this small icon bears an image of St. Paraskeva as well.
In Russia St. Paraskeva was called "a women's saint" because marriageable girls can find a good fiancé and married women can preserve their families with its help. It was worshiped as a patroness of fields and cattle and as an assistant in trade matters.
The Church commemorates the Feodorovskaya Icon twice a year: on August 29 and March 27. A divine service dedicated to Paraskeva the Martyr is held on November 10.

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