The "Mother of God of Seven Arrows" Ring

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Article: B-8

товарная скидка

A silver ring with a prayer featuring a unique design with a rotating central part in the shape of a medallion with images on the surface of its both sides.
One side features a canonic image of the "Mother of God of Seven Arrows" Icon. It is highly worshiped in the Orthodox world. A person should pray to the "Mother of God of Seven Arrows" Icon if he or she experiences some kind of discord, quarrel, hostility or complicated litigation. This inspiring image of the Mother of God is also worshiped as a guardian of the hearth. We should pray to the Most-Pure Virgin in front of the "Mother of God of Seven Arrows" Icon to keep harmony at home, to reconcile with our relatives, to settle a long-term conflict with the nearest and dearest, to improve relationships between husband and wife, as well as children and parents. 
The second side features the "Save and Protect" prayer that briefly depicts hopes and expectations of all the orthodox people. A space free of the prayer includes an image of a vine symbolizing Christ himself: "I am the true vine" (John 15:1-5). While wearing the ring the owner at his sole discretion decides what to hide from the eyes of other people and what to reveal to his own sight.
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