Hot enamel cross

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Article: B-Cr-199

Hot enamel gilded cross

Cross А-Cr-199

Art: B-CR-199

Materials: silver 925, enamel, gold 585

Weight: 3,09 g

Size: 13x10 mm

Availability: yes

Small crosses with hot enamel for kids are presented in different colors: blue, azure, emerald, olive, black, red. A small cross with the depiction of the Christ crucifixion on the eight-pointed cross. According to Tertullian, Justin Philosophus and other theologians of the first centuries, this is the same type of the cross on which the Savior of the World was crucified.

This form has a plate with the abbreviation "IC" "XC" - the name of Jesus Christ. The Savior is depicted the way it is customary in the Orthodox creed of the Holy and Apostolic Church. The most common form in Russian Orthodoxy is used in the composition of the cross. On the backside of the cross the first words of the very strong prayer "Prayer to the Cross" are written: "Let God arise, let His enemies be scattered, and let those who hate Him flee before Him ..."

This small cross can become a wonderful gift for a small Christian or even be his first cross presented to him at Epiphany. The nativity cross is a symbol of belonging to the Faith in Christ the Savior - it always protects its owner.

Please watch the video devoted to the technology of hot enamel


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